Presidents, Astronauts, and You: Rocker Industries Helps to Safely Transport All VIPs
Rocker Industries’ solenoids and solenoid valves have accompanied presidents, astronauts, our men and women in uniform, and your family on vacation. All types of transportation vehicles depend on Rocker Industries’ quality solenoids and solenoid valves for safe operation.

Rocker Industries is proud to have designed and manufactured solenoids and solenoid valves for all of the applications listed here:


Airbus - A380, A350, A340, A330, A320, A319, A318, A310, A300
Boeing - B787, B777, B767, B757, B747, B7737, B727, B717, B707
Bombardier Learjet - 60, 55, 45, 40, 36, 35
Cessna Citation
Eclipse 500
Embraer Phenom 300
Falcon 20
Fokker 100
Gulfstream V
Honda HA420
Lockheed Constellation, L1011
McDonnell Douglas - MD95, MD90, MD80, MD11, DC10, DC9, DC8
Raytheon Hawker 4000
Saab 340
Chinook 234
Augusta Westland EH101

Military Aircraft
Fixed Wing
Attack Bomber AV6, AV7 AC130 H/U Gunship, AV8 Harrier, A50, B1 Lancer, B2 Spirit, B52 Stratofortress, British Aerospace Nimrod MRA4
Cargo C5 Galaxy, C17 Globemaster III, C130 Hercules, Kawasaki C-X
Drone MQ-1B Predator, AV7 Global Hawk
Electronic Mission E2C Hawkeye 2000, EA-6B Prowler
Fighter F35 Lightning II, F22 Raptor, F117 Nighthawk, F/A18 E/F Super Hornet, F/A18 hornet, F16 Fighting Falcon, F15E Strike Eagle, F15 Eagle, F5 Tiger II, F4 Phantom, F105 Thunderchief, F104 Shooting Star
Search & Rescue HC130 Hercules, Kawasaki P-X
Tanker KC10 Extender
Trainers T38 Talon, T45 Goshawk, T50/KTX, Mitsubishi T2
Unmanned Fighter X47A Pegasus
Utility U2, UC35

Rotary Wing
Anti Submarine SH60 Seahawk, S58 Choctaw
Attack AH64 Apache
Cargo V22 Osprey, CH47 Chinook, CH53 Sea Stallion
Multi Mission MH60 Blackhawk, CH148 Cyclone
Search and Rescue HH60 Jayhawk
Stealth RAH66 Comanche

Military Ground

M1 Abrams Tank, MLRS, Bradley Fighting Vehicle(Army), Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle(Marines); Polish, Finnish, Swiss Norwegian and Netherlands Infantry Fighting Vehicles


JDAM GBU 29, 30, 31, 32, MLRS M270A1, Missile Silo,

Surface Ships

AAAV Landing Craft(Marines)


Atlas 5, Space Shuttle


Seawolf Class Attack Submarines (SSN)


Mark IV